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WULF is funded by Welsh Government to support union led adult learning for workers across Wales. 

The current project – “Pathways to Progress” is funded until 31 March 2025.

Our Approach to Training Development and Delivery is Centered Around the Needs of Workers Across Wales

Unite WULF offers a huge range of professional development and vocational skills training to workers across Wales.

We’ve had over twenty years to build our training portfolio and, if we can’t deliver the training you’re looking for, we probably know someone who can!

How we can help

With something to suit everybody’s needs we can arrange training in…

Employability skills

Employability skills, also known as soft skills or job-readiness skills, are essential qualities that employers seek but may not be explicitly mentioned in job descriptions. These skills include communication, leadership, and teamwork. Unite WULF offers training and support to enhance these skills, improving job prospects.

Vocational training

Vocational skills are practical work-related skills that enhance proficiency in a specific trade or profession. They are tailored to meet employer needs, support professional development, and improve employability. Valued by employers, these skills provide a competitive advantage in job applications. Unite WULF works with employers and individuals to provide vocational skills training.

Professional development

Professional development is a continuous learning process focused on acquiring relevant knowledge and skills for one’s current role. It involves improving competencies to enhance performance and future career prospects. Unite WULF collaborates with partners to provide support and guidance for professional development, ensuring individuals stay updated and pursue growth opportunities aligned with their career goals.

Essential skills

Essential skills, also called functional skills or ‘life skills’, focus on developing fluency in Maths, English, and digital skills for real-life situations. They provide a foundation for learning other skills, boosting confidence, job advancement, and effective problem-solving. Unite WULF offers training and support to enhance these skills for overall personal and professional growth.

Digital skills

Digital skills encompass a wide range of abilities, from basic mobile app usage to advanced database systems. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation, making digital tools essential in various sectors. Having the right digital skills is increasingly crucial in the evolving work culture, giving a competitive edge. Unite WULF offers support to enhance digital confidence regardless of one’s current digital journey stage.

Language skills

Speaking multiple languages offers numerous advantages, such as enhancing creativity, memory, problem-solving skills, confidence, concentration, and attention span. Research indicates that learning a second language can lower the risk of dementia and delay Alzheimer’s Disease. Unite WULF can provide assistance in learning different languages, including sign language.

Health and safety

Health and Safety refers to regulations and procedures aimed at preventing accidents and injuries in workplaces and public spaces. Work-related illnesses, injuries, and accidents lead to a significant number of lost workdays annually. To foster a positive health and safety culture, it is vital for workers to comprehend the risks and protect themselves and their colleagues. Unite WULF provides training to promote a safe workplace environment.

Mental health and wellbeing

Wellbeing is crucial for all individuals, and poor mental health can greatly affect employee welfare. Effective management of mental health and wellbeing is key to fostering strong employee-employer engagement, improving staff morale, loyalty, innovation, productivity, and organizational profits. Unite WULF takes a solution-focused approach by delivering training to raise awareness and support positive mental health and wellbeing for both employers and individuals.

Equality and diversity

Equality in the workplace ensures equal job opportunities and fairness for employees and applicants. Diversity encompasses people of different ages, religions, ethnicities, abilities, and genders, valuing their differences. An inclusive workplace that values equality and diversity fosters a sense of worth and reduces instances of bullying, harassment, and discrimination. Unite WULF provides training to promote awareness of the significance of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Who we can help

Individual Support

As individuals, we all have different priorities and goals  in life and work.  Being clear about your priorities will help you clarify what you need to do to improve your current work prospects, find a more rewarding job or change direction altogether.  WULF can support and signpost as needed to help you identify your goals and take the first steps.

Individuals can access WULF support in a few ways…

  • By contacting the WULF team direct 
  • Through their workplace Union Learning Rep
  • Through their employer if they are already working with WULF

We use Eventbrite for many of our Unite Skills Academy course bookings.  Check out our current Unite Skills Academy courses and workshops – most of which are FREE to those living and/or working in Wales.

Employer Partnership Working

We welcome the opportunity to build relationships and collaborate with employers across all sectors on the training needs of their staff.  Over the past 20+  years, WULF has worked successfully with hundreds of employers across Wales, supporting by delivering vocational and accredited training to upskill employees and improve business operations.

If you’re an employer looking to find out how we can support your business, get in touch and we can talk through how we might best support your business needs.

The WULF project has helped us enhance the skills of Our Mutual organisation and has supported several wellbeing campaigns that has helped to increase staff wellbeing . The partnership provides expert advice and recommendations of the best training solutions and providers within industry. Unite’s open skills programme has been incredibly popular with staff members, it provides flexible learning on relevant topics that help staff develop skills to advance in the workplace.

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