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The UK government introduced a new national £2 billion Kickstart scheme in July 2020. The intention is to support around 250,000 jobs of six months for 16-24-year-olds. Any young person taking part in the scheme claiming Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment is eligible for these opportunities. Only the work coach at the job centre can refer the young participant. Union reps can play a key role in supporting young people who have entered their workplace through this scheme. Trade unions have been calling for job guarantees to protect young people from mass unemployment. We want to make  sure the Kickstart scheme, and the jobs created, are as effective as possible at doing that – creating long term jobs and giving young workers the experience of good quality work. We have called for Kickstart to deliver:
  • Good quality jobs with training built in
  • Additional jobs of real value to the community
  • The programme must be based on equality from the start
  • Employers should top up wages

The Wales TUC has created a downloadable document gives union reps some useful discussion points with employers to help make the job roles worthwhile and sustainable.

Unite Wales Education Program

A Message to Unite Members

Welcome to the Unite Wales Education brochure. We are living through extremely challenging times. The coronavirus crisis has meant the Union is having to adapt quickly to continue supporting our members and activists to the same high standards, but in different and innovative ways.

As a Unite activist you are the union’s most precious resource. Now, more than ever, Unite members need well trained and informed representatives to get them safely through this difficult period. Key to this is supporting our activists with high quality education.

To keep you and our employees safe, Unite Education is moving in the short term, to online delivery. We are moving our courses into virtual classrooms; training will take place using the video conferencing software that lockdown has made us all very familiar with.

Throughout the period of online delivery the structure of our courses will remain the same. For Workplace Reps and Health and Safety Reps we will still provide a clear 20 day training pathway, with courses split into 4 modules. Online courses will still require paid release and will continue to be delivered during the week from 9.30am – 4.00pm. Your full time officer can help to secure paid release if you experience difficulties.

In addition to the fantastic courses for our Workplace Reps, Health and Safety, Equality and Learning Reps, we can also run bespoke courses and bite size training upon request. Unite education is flexible and we are able to provide training designed to meet the specific needs of your workplace.

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Unite is the largest trade union in the UK and Ireland with members across the private, public and voluntary sectors including manufacturing, public services, transport, food, finance and construction.   Even if you are not in work, there is a place for you in our community or retired member sections.

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Unite Mental Health Guide for Reps & Negotiators

This guide aims to equip our representatives and our members to tackle mental health issues at work. A central feature for Unite the union has been to campaign and negotiate for good mental health. W

Under the Strain of the Pandemic

This is a trying time for Unite members and all the people of the UK, there will be worries about health, finances and coping with being on lockdown. There is such a change to people’s normal routines at home, in work and in work at home.

WTUC Trade Union Rep
Mental Health Toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to provide information to help union officers and reps in Wales to represent members affected by mental health.
This toolkit also acts as a resource providing activities that can be run with colleagues to educate them and others.

ReAct Funding Guidance

Unite Redundancy Guide

Here For You Booklet​