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A survey by Unite, the UK and Ireland’s largest union, has found that workers’ concerns about their mental health have increased dramatically since the lockdown began.

Proactive Approach

As a result Unite is calling on employers to take a proactive approach to dealing with employees’ mental health challenges immediately as workers return to the workforce and begin to adjust to revised working conditions.

Unite surveyed 22,000 workplace activists and just under two thirds (65%) of respondents recorded that they had to deal with an increase in members’ mental health concerns.

Other Employment Issues

This was followed by concerns over pregnancy, maternity, paternity, adoption and other family leave (40%), employers or managers exploiting the isolation of individual members (33%), bullying (26%) and issues related to disability (24%).

Unite understands mental health issues have been caused by a variety of different issues, including loneliness and isolation during the lockdown (especially if a worker is having to shield), excessive work pressures, financial concerns and fears about returning to work.

Guide for Members

Unite has produced a mental health guide for members during the coronavirus pandemic and it believes that employers must take a proactive lead to monitor and protect workers’ mental health during the lockdown as workers prepare to return to work and while they readjust to the workplace. 

Employers must carry out risk assessments with Unite’s involvement so that issues the survey identifies are dealt with transparently with measures to support their workforce during this pandemic, in the short, medium and long term. 

Employers Role

It is essential that employers understand what is causing the workers’ mental health issues and then provide specific assistance on issues such as debt and financial concerns or for more specific mental health matters assisting them to contact a specialist organisation such as Mind. 

Online Resources

Unite Mental Health Guide for Reps & Negotiators

This guide aims to equip our representatives and our members to tackle mental health issues at work. A central feature for Unite the union has been to campaign and negotiate for good mental health. W

Under the Strain of the Pandemic

This is a trying time for Unite members and all the people of the UK, there will be worries about health, finances and coping with being on lockdown. There is such a change to people’s normal routines at home, in work and in work at home.

WTUC Trade Union Rep
Mental Health Toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to provide information to help union officers and reps in Wales to represent members affected by mental health.
This toolkit also acts as a resource providing activities that can be run with colleagues to educate them and others.

Links to Other Mental Health Support Websites

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