Adult Learners
Week 2022

Adult Learners’ Week takes place between 19th – 25th September. 

Adult Learners’ Week now in its 31st year is the biggest adult learning campaign in Wales with over 10,000 adults in Wales taking part. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the value of adult learning, celebrate the achievements of inspirational people and projects and motivate people to discover just how learning can positively change their lives.

To Celebrate Adult Learners Week the Unite WULF project will be running a number of FREE online webinars as well as promoting a number of other learning and training opportunities.

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Watch this short video to find out a little bit more about our Adult Learners Week programme.

Thank you to our excellent tutor Ollie Gwyther for putting it together for us

Unite WULF Project Courses

The Unite WULF Project will be celebrating Adult Learners Week 2022 by hosting a variety of FREE courses covering a wide range of topics, delivered by our excellent network of tutors.

To see the full range of courses available and register to take part please visit our events page.

Using WULF to support your learning journey with Sue Da'Casto

Sue has been heading up the Unite WULF project for over 10 years, and during that time has helped thousands of people to upskill and progress.

The Unite WULF project is pan-Wales project, and covers over 2,000 Unite workplaces, Sue is passionate about what she does, and over the years has organised and delivered an impressive range of training opportunities to members and employers alike.

19th September at 6pm

Accessing funding for Training– using WULF to support your learning journey

Want to learn more about the Wales Union Learning Fund and how it can support you on your learning journey?

Then join us for this informal webinar where we will outline the support available and show you how to access support and funding from the Unite WULF project to support your learning journey

Digital Skills with Ollie Gwyther

Ollie Gwyther is a qualified teacher and now, “digital handyman”!

After various teaching roles, Ollie decided to become a freelance trainer (in all things techy) as well as some website design, digital designs, consulting, and more…..

19th September at 10am & 21st September at 6pm

Tools for digital wellbeing

What is the impact of digital technology on our health and our society? What is digital wellbeing? What are the tools to aid my digital wellbeing? Explore the answers to all these questions in this new session developed by Ollie Gwyther.

You will investigate the new and emerging technologies and their impact on your life in work and at home. You will also see some of the apps and tools created to aid your digital wellbeing both physically and digitally.

20th September at 1pm

Making the most of MS Team

This webinar will look in depth at how to schedule Teams meetings through the Teams desktop app as well as through Outlook. It will also look at the features of Teams video conferencing including, screen sharing, window sharing, in meeting apps (such as polling) breakout rooms and many other features to enhance your experience of Teams and build your knowledge and confidence of using the platform. It will also consider some of the key safety features and how you can keep yourself safe during online meetings.

22nd September at 1pm

Working Collaboratively with documents remotely

In this session, you will be invited to collaborate online on a shared document. Explore how to share these documents and provide links for other to access. Equally as important, learn how to remove these links and keep your content safe.

Greener Workplaces with Ceri Lewis-Pierce

Ceri has worked in adult education in Wales for over 10 years, and prior to that, worked in the environmental policy-making sphere.
She works as a freelance tutor on behalf of trade unions, teaching people a range of different topics

Ceri has also committed to planting a native plant or a tree for each learner she teaches. Plants, especially trees can absorb CO2 which can help counter global warming and climate change. So as well as growing learners’ skills, she is growing plants as well!

19th September at 3pm, 20th September at 12pm & 22nd September at 10am

Greener Workplaces and a Just Transition

The session will cover the following:

The Climate Crisis – Origins, Effects and Impact

A Just Transition

Unite Environmental Charter and Taskforce

Role of Unite Green reps

Personal Development with Hazel Perrett

Perrett and Brown Organisational Development is an organisation created and run by two experienced Learning and Development Practitioners- Hazel Perrett and Mike Brown. Hazel and Mike each bring over 20 years of experience in the L&D field, working with a cross section of organisations in the private, public and third sectors.

19th September 1pm

Managing Difficult Conversations

Understand how as an individual to effectively deal with difficult situations
Why we find conversations challenging
Review the impact of conflict on ourselves, the department and organisation
Understand the impact of different conflict management styles and how to ensure that the right style and strategy is deployed
Be able to recognise different kinds of behaviour and how to manage this within the conflict process
Review and practice a variety of techniques to support the interaction with all parties concerned and explore a template for future challenging conversations

20th September 10am

Coping with Challening Behaviour

Disruptive behaviours in the workplace can be challenging.

This highly interactive course looks at various scenarios and asks

“What is challenging behaviour?”,

“What techniques do we need to use to diffuse challenging situations?”

as well as how and when we do that.

23rd September 10am

Negotiating to gain better outcomes

This programme helps delegates develop the influencing skills that can open doors to increased sales and successful interactions with influential groups of people. Learn how to get your opinions heard and your ideas to relevant stakeholders in ways that you gain maximum impact.

Learn how to generate SMART influencing goals with win/win outcomes as well as being able to identify and select from different approaches to getting your ideas across according to the circumstances and the others involved.

Neurodiversity with Monique Craine

Monique Craine is a neurodivergent rights campaigner who is multipli neurodivergent herself and is also the parent of three ND children.

She was recently published in the academic text ‘Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement’ and is an active member of many of the online neurodivergent communities.

She brings insight and inspiration as an individual with lived experience, as a parent and as a member of the ND community.

19th September 10am

Neurodiversity in the workplace

In this session we look at the basics around Neurodiversity and employment, what the terms mean, why they are important and how neurodivergent people might present in the workplace.

This is a basic introduction to Neurodiversity in the workplace and is essential training for Human Resources staff, Line managers, team leaders, Union Learning Reps, and all who manage or are in charge of staff training in their workplace.

It is also useful for those who identify as Neurodivergent themselves, or have ND family members who are of working age.

20th September 2pm

Adapting for inclusion

In this session we take a deeper look at how regular employment practices and procedures can discriminate against neurodivergent staff and how to prevent this kind of unintentional discrimination from taking place in your offices and work environments.

We also consider how to make the workspace more inclusive so that more companies can benefit from hiring and retaining more Neurodivergent staff.


23rd September 2pm

Accounting for attention differences

This course was created to dispel some myths commonly associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It will enable people to better understand why those with Attention Differences might struggle to take in, retain and/or recall information, complete tasks and maintain focus. All of the above are essential for progression in education and in the workplace.

In this session we also discuss the social model of disability,

We then focus on adaptations which help with executive functioning issues, and adjustments which can help participants better understand and even reduce instances of RSD and ODD for those with Attention Differences in their life.

Menopause Awareness with Jayne Woodman

Jayne set up The Menopause Team in 2019, with the aim of raising menopause awareness so employers and employees can understand and work with the menopause; ensuring employees are empowered and organisations offer support, maintain productivity, employee engagement and retain valuable female talent.

21st September 2pm

Menopause Awareness

Each woman experiences the menopause differently. Some symptoms can lead to increased absence and lower levels of engagement and productivity. Without the right support at work, women can feel they have no choice but to leave their job role often placing themselves in financially precarious situations.

Menopause awareness sessions demonstrate to all that the wellbeing of women is being taken seriously.

22nd September 10.30am

Menopause Awareness for men

The session is aimed at raising Menopause Awareness amongst Men to help them gain knowledge and understanding of the Menopause and what women experience when facing the Menopause, the session will also help provide them with the tools they need to support women through the menopause

23rd September 12.30pm

Understanding Mid-Life for men and women

For most of us our life is made up of around 4000 weeks. At around 2000 weeks we sometimes accept things that perhaps we should be challenging.

Moving towards who and what you want to be in mid-life and beyond is a process that takes time.

Find out about what happens to men and women in mid-life.

Explore other mid-life factors that could help create a positive mid-life experience for both men and women.

29th September 10.30am

Menopause Champions

The role of Menopause Champions is to signpost those directly and indirectly affected towards support and evidence-based menopause information so that they can manage their menopause.

This session has been developed to provide Menopause Champions with the knowledge and skills required to act as points of contact for colleagues looking for menopause support.

Mental Health & Wellbeing with Victoria English

Victoria English is an award winning speaker, lecturer and Mental Health consultant specialising in Mental and Emotional Health, Special Educational Needs and Corporate Wellbeing.

Victoria believes that wellbeing comes before success and as such if we want to ensure good engagement or academic achievement it is imperative we address the fundamentals of good mental health, resilience and wellbeing first.

All the training aims to not only provide knowledge, but to empower individuals with the tools to become resilient and maintain wellbeing.

20th September 9.30am

Re-Ignite Your Career

As the world of work changes ever more rapidly, our ability to flex and adapt becomes so much more important.

Within this session you will learn ways to reduce self-imposed barriers to career change, adopt a growth mindset and use self-coaching techniques to motivate yourself to reach new goals.

21st September 9.30am

Remote Working and Well-Being

As remote working becomes the new norm for many organisations, making sure you have the practical strategies, techniques and best practices you can use to stay happy, motivated and productive has never been more important.

Utilising the latest scientific research, this course will explore practical approaches to creating healthy habitual routines, managing isolation and maintaining motivation while working from home.

22nd September 4pm

Being Trauma Informed

Trauma-informed shifts the focus from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”

A trauma-informed approach acknowledges that we need to have a complete picture of a person’s life situation — past and present — in order to provide effective services with a healing orientation.

Adopting trauma-informed practices can potentially improve engagement, as well as organisation and staff wellness.

23rd September 9.30am

Compassionate Communication

Communication is at the heart of human relationship.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) improves our relationships by focussing our attention on empathic understanding of others and open and honest expression of ourselves without blame or criticism

Welsh Language

The Unite WULF Team are pleased to bring you this fantastic offer as part of our Adult Learning Week programme – Learn the Welsh language through the ‘Say Something in Welsh’ program.

The normal cost of a Say Something in Welsh account is £120 per year, however if you sign up through the Unite WULF project you can get a 12 month subscription for just £20 for Unite Union members and £40 for NON Unite Union Members, with the Unite Union WULF project funding the rest of the cost.

Places are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis, yep this is a WIGIG offer!

Unite WULF Student Discount

The Unite Union WULF project has partnered up with – XO Student Discounts. This means We are able to offer a FREE student discount scheme.

The student discount is available to Unite Union members only who engage in any learning activity supported by the Unite WULF project, this includes any individual learning activities, workplace activities or open activities.

To sign up contact the Unite WULF team:

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