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Menopause Awareness

It’s a journey that every woman embarks on, yet it’s still surrounded by stigma and misunderstanding.  Our campaign aims to change that.

We’re here to provide information, support, and a platform for sharing experiences.

Menopause isn’t just a biological phase; it’s a societal shift that impacts women’s lives in various ways.

From hot flashes and mood swings to the broader conversations about women’s health, our goal is to shed light on this natural process and empower women with the knowledge they need to navigate it confidently.  We’ve produced a leaflet that you can print and use in your workplace.

Take a look at the Unite website for some useful resources around menopause.

Unite WULF works closely with The Menopause Team in delivering workshops across Wales.

The British Menopause Society offer brilliant help and support.

Get ME Home Safely

The world should be a safe place for everyone, and that includes women.

From public spaces to workplaces, homes to online platforms, our campaign stands for a world where women can live, work, and thrive without fear.

We’re here to challenge harmful norms, promote education about consent and boundaries, and advocate for changes in policies and attitudes.

By raising our voices, sharing stories, and standing together, we believe we can create safer environments where women can fully embrace their potential.

For further information on this and other Unite campaigns visit Unite the Union’s campaign page.



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