Advice & Guidance

Whatever your support needs, the Unite WULF project is here to help by providing advice, guidance, training and signposting to suit your individual circumstances.  

Supporting workers

Some of us look for support for changes that are forced upon us in situations of redundancy, redeployment or organisational restructure.

Others have already identified the need to change, for personal or career development reasons, and look for support in moving forward with making changes that will support their progression needs.

The Unite WULF team have supported hundreds of workers across many sectors with their individual support needs.  Get in touch for a confidential chat about what you’re going through and find out how we can help you.

Take control

Redundancy, redeployment or organisational restructure

Change, by its very nature, takes us into new uncertain territory which can highlight our vulnerabilities.   When that change is forced upon us it often creates heightened levels of stress and tension and can significantly impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

Accessing support during times like this can help us feel more involved and in control of how we deal with and manage the change processes.  This support might include reviewing and evaluating our options, highlighting our strengths and identifying redefined goals. 

Career progression or career change

Even when we’re in control of the changes we feel we need to make – either to progress in our chosen careers, forge new paths or to seek a better work-life balance – it can still feel overwhelming.  Are we making the right decisions?  Is it going to work out the way we want or the way we envisage?

Being able to identify our goals, talk through our plans and identify the skills we may need to develop to help us achieve our goals, can help improve our chances of success. 

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